Dance With Me (30 minutes)

An introduction to the world of dance and movement for our youngest dancers, 18 months-2 yrs. This class is structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement, motor development and basic dance steps by utilizing props and the imagination. Mom, Dad or another loved one will participate and interact with their little dancer throughout the class. This will aid in creating a safe and familiar environment while the dancer is introduced to new ideas, movement and concepts.

Pre-K Combo (45 minutes)

Class consists of Ballet and Tap for ages 2-4 yrs. The Ballet portion of class focuses on the beginner positions and movements that are basic fundamentals to learning Ballet. Gross motor skills; i.e. balancing, hopping, jumping, skipping are practiced in each class. The Tap portion of class consists of single sound Tap actions. The students are introduced to musicality or fitting movement to the music that is being played. This is carried out by clapping the hands, using musical instruments, or utilizing the Tap shoe as an instrument. Listening, concentration, taking turns, sharing, following directions, coordination, playing with imagination, and improvisation are highlighted throughout the entire class.

Ballet / Tap Combo (45 minutes)

Class consists of Ballet and Tap. The movements that were learned in the Pre-K Combo class are reviewed and elaborated on. In the Ballet portion of class, students are introduced to the Ballet Barre. Here they learn the beginning principles of supporting your own body weight, balancing, and isolation (moving one part of the body at a time). Students begin to take directions more efficiently, allowing them to carry out movements more independently. Doing specific movements "Across the Floor", one by one in an organized manner is the focal point in each class. The Tap portion of class consists of single and double sound Tap actions. These actions are grouped together to create Tap movements utilizing one foot, two feet, and changing feet. The students are encouraged to start counting with and understanding the mood of the music.

Hip Tots (45 minutes)

Class consists of high energy, bouncy movement for ages 4-6 yrs. In this class, students will learn similar movements learned in the jazz portion of the Jazz/Tap Combo class, making the movement more bouncy and funky, adding their own personal style to the movement.  They will learn and understand isolation (moving one part of the body at a time), weight shift/distribution and level changes.  The students will be introduced to beginner freestyle, learning how to create their own movement and aiding in the comfort of dancing and performing in front of others.  Listening, concentration, taking turns, following directions, coordination, and improvisation are highlighted throughout the entire class.

Jazz / Tap Combo (1 hour)

Class consists of Jazz and Tap. The Jazz portion of class focuses on the beginner positions of the feet/hands/arms and movements that are basic fundamentals to learning Jazz. Resistance, placement, and control are vital elements that become the focal point of each class. Basic vocabulary; i.e. turnout and parallel, basic anatomical structures, and an understanding of what muscles are used to carryout a specific movement and why are all introduced. The Tap portion of class focuses on elaborating the Tap movements that were learned in Ballet / Tap Combo. These movements are further grouped together to create “mini” dances and exercises that focus on clarity of the movement and making the movement smaller and more precise. Rhythm and tempo are highlighted in each class.

Jazz 1 - 3 (1 hour)

Jazz class is divided into three segments: Warm-up, Dance technique and progressive moves – executed Center and Across the Floor, and Combinations or dance routines. Warm-up focuses on isolation exercises (moving one part of the body at a time), getting blood flowing throughout the body and the muscles warmed up to prevent injury. Dance technique and progressive moves focus on maintaining proper placement and alignment of the body while carrying out specific movements. Understanding Ballet and Jazz vocabulary, positions of the head, arms, hands, and feet, what muscles are used to carry out specific movements and the proper way to execute these movements are extremely important in this segment of class. Combinations and dance routines are then learned to assist with the comprehension of what was learned in the dance technique and progressive moves portion of class. The dancer is encouraged to take the knowledge of what was learned and “dance” with fluidity and grace while maintaining proper placement, alignment, and technique.

Tap 1 - 3 (45 minutes)

Tap dancing is important to the dance student for it develops rhythm, timing and phrasing, and gives rhythmical co-ordination of the mind and body. The most important elements in Tap dancing are the clarity and the separation of the tap sounds, exact timing, and style. Single, double, and triple Tap actions are elaborated on and executed while traveling and turning.

Ballet 1 - 3 (45 minutes - 1 hour)

The ballet class is based on the Cecchetti Method. At the Barre, students carryout exercises that focus on proper placement and alignment, correct transfer of weight, isolation, balance, and musicality. The fundamentals that were learned at the Barre are then executed in the Center and Across the Floor, combining fluidity and grace.

Pointe (30 minutes)

Pointe is a form of ballet that is done on the tips of the toes and performed in Pointe shoes. In Pointe class, students will learn about different shapes of the feet, correct Pointe shoe fitting, the process of “Breaking In “ the Pointe shoe, the sewing and tying of the ribbons, and strengthening exercise for the feet, ankles, and knees. Beginning exercises will be executed at the Barre and then elaborated on in the Center and Across the Floor. Students must be 15 years or older. This is to ensure the student's safety. Ossification, the process by which soft cartilage hardens to become bone tissue, is not complete until the age of fifteen. Before this process is complete, the body is more susceptible to breaks, sprains, and interfering with the overall growth process of the bone.

Lyrical 1 - 3 (45 minutes)

Lyrical combines ballet, jazz, and modern dance techniques. Each class focuses on articulation and fluidity of the body, creating soft lines, weightlessness, control, and grace.

Hip Hop 1 - 4 (45 minutes)

In Hip Hop class, the students take the technique and principles that are learned in Jazz class and add their own funky style to the movements. Due to the selection of appropriate music, students are required to be ten years or older.

Mini Troupes 1 & 2 / Jr. Troupe / Sr. Troupe Tech (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Troupe Tech is a class designed for the students who have proven their commitment, dedication, and eagerness to learn in numerous dance genres.  During the class, students will work on advanced movement in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical and Hip Hop.  The students will learn new innovative movement, tricks, leaps and turns.  They will be introduced and become familiarized with partner work.  The students will also focus on improving their flexibility/stability and learning and understanding their own body.  They will also get to identify personal strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve and overcome obstacles to strive to be the most educated and technical dancer they can be.

Performance Troupe (45 minutes - 1 hour)

Our Performance Troupes are geared toward students who are dedicated to dance, excited to learn new and challenging technique and routines, and most of all, want to perform and share their love of dance with others!!!  This class will teach students how to perform in all aspects of the dance world, such as, performing at local events, dancing at senior homes/assisted living complexes, and other fun and exciting dance opportunities to spread our love of dance throughout the year.

Adult Jazz & Tap (45 minutes each class)

Classes are geared to those with previous dance experience. These advanced classes are fast paced. Many students who have grown up at the dance studio have returned after college to take these classes.

Open Adult Beginner (1 hour)

This class is geared to those who have little to no dance experience. Learn basic dance technique while getting an energizing one hour workout. Each month this class will focus on a different dance genre, i.e. Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, etc.